Eagles Fly for Leukemia Family Support Fund

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Support or Assistance Provided: Monetary
Type of Funding: Non-Medical Expenses, Transportation
State: Delaware, Pennsylvania
Organization Zip Code: 19087

Clinical Trial Available? No

Social Worker Application Required? Yes

Special Notes: Eagles Fly for Leukemia awards Kim Hill Scholarships and full scholarships to St. Joseph’s University and Drexel University in Pennsylvania.KIM HILL SCHOLARSHIP: https://www.eaglesfly.org/assets/pdf/2019KimHillScholarshipApplication.pdf The Drexel University Eagles Fly for Leukemia Scholarship: http://drexel.edu/drexelcentral/finaid/grants/undergraduate-scholarships/ The St. Joseph’s University Eagles Fly for Leukemia Scholarship: https://www.sju.edu/admission/undergraduate/scholarships. The child’s social worker submits applications, funded based on need and a priority assessment of the child and primary caregiver. Only social workers may submit family support requests. The request must include: – A cover letter written by the social worker, providing a brief description of the patient’s medical condition – A statement sufficiently highlighting the family’s financial situation due to the child’s medical condition – The creditors and amount to be paid on behalf of the patient or primary caregiver – Copies of the bills to be paid and a completed EFL application form provided by social workers The request is sent to at least two members of the EFL board of directors for approval

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